contractorssgWe have produced many websites for the Service Solutions Group of companies over the years, however this project presented us with the fresh challenge of a fully bespoke development project.

Their old contractors database was out of date and the company that developed it no-longer exists.

Consequently we started from the ground up, firstly by providing a detailed technical spec outlining the fields, layout, design and functionality and then, upon sign-off developing a PHP & MYSQL based database and web site which presents potential contractors with a wizard based, multi-screen form.

The form allows the contractor to submit 5 screens of information about their business along with the facility to upload documentation providing certificates, evidence of training and insurance to name a few.

The back end system then allows the admin staff to view and edit the information, add additional notes and check the documentation.

The system also automatically emails out a contract to the new contractor and warns admin staff when licences etc are about to expire.

The contractor is given a reference via email when they first register and can come back to the application at any stage and complete the details.

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