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The Project Brief

Harry commissioned us to produce an animated advert for his new business New Replacement Kitchen Doors.

We had previsouly done some video work for Harry producing how-to videos for the drilling and fitting of the doors and this came in handy.

The brief was to show off the most popular range of doors on a wire-frame model of a kitchen with fast paced animation, music and professional narration.

The Preparation Work

Following our initial meeting, we sent Harry some story board images of how the advert could would work.

After some discussion the flow of the advert was agreed.

Harry wasn't sure regarding the content of the narration so we drafted the script for him and with a few minor adjustments we were all set.

Next we hired a professional voice actor to provide the narration.

Alongside that we downloaded the images for all the doors and the library images of the complete kitchens.

The doors and drawer fronts all the chosen ranges had to be scaled in Photoshop to fit the wireframe kitchen.

Options for the music were sent to Harry and the track was selected.

The Edit

Now we had all the files we needed to begin the video editing.

The animation was put together showing the doors "flying" into place one range at a time with each change timed to the beat of the music.

An additional layer was required to show the breakfast bar in the foreground (an extra challenge!)

The audio narration was cut to fit the sequence.

Clips showing the drilling of the doors and fitting of the hinges were added for interest and to fit the story.

The logo and the closing titles were added and after a few minor revisions the end result was complete (see below)

We completed the project in under 3 weeks and Harry was very pleased with the end results.

At his request we posted the video on his Facebook page and sent the embed code from youtube to his web developer for inclusion on his website.

Harry was very happy with the final result.

Here's the End result